6/3/18 Road Closure near Beaverton studio

Hello all,

Please be aware of the road closure near our Beaverton studio on 6/3. Further information will be provided ASAP.

*Road closure near Beaverton studio on 6/3 update. The road will be closed from 6:30am till 11:15am mostly. Please click the link, https://www.beavertonoregon.gov/1896/Beaverton-Half-Marathonto to check the detail information. We will still do the 2nd run through rehearsal as schedule. Yet, please keep checking the website for any updates. A friendly reminder, please prepare more time for traveling due to the unexpected busy traffic caused by the road closure. And please make the rehearsal on time!

There are a couple options depending on if you need to make it into the actual parking lot. It looks like the easiest way to get to that address is to get onto 217 and get off on the Allen Blvd. Exit. That will put you straight in the middle of the marathon route without having to travel on any closed streets and you would be able to take Allen Blvd. to a parking lot directly next to yours (assuming this lot is open to public parking) but separated by a small barrier of grass (parking lot of 10025 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005). You could potentially walk over from there and wouldn’t have to wait for any closures.

If you need to get into the parking lot at 10058 SW Arctic Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005, you will have to flag down an officer and wait for assistance to travel on Arctic Drive. They will be able to assist you between the runners. We do suggest allowing an extra 15-20 minutes if you choose this route as they will need that time to find a safe time for traffic.



Yang Zou
Studio Manager

6/9 Sat Classes Are Canceled

Hello all,

Since all instructors will need to be at the theater for the performance on 6/9 Sat. We will cancel all the classes on both Beaverton and Bethany studio on 6/9 Sat.
Please feel free to makeup the class at anytime. As you know, we are not allowed to schedule makeup lesson over the term normally. Yet, you can makeup 6/9 lesson at anytime even in the next term.
Thank you for your patient and help.
Yang Zou

Studio Manager

Performance for Asian Heritage Month Cultural Performances

Haiyan International Dance Academy is going to perform for Asian Heritage Month Cultural Performances at LAN Su Chinese Garden on 5/13/18 1pm.

Below is the performance programs:

Swan Lake Solo: Ariel M

Raymonda Sola 2: Anna D

Laquita Pas de trois: Daisy K, Stella W, Andrew X

Paquita Solo 1:Amy K

Paquita Solo 2: Fiona W

Contemporary Solo: Ariel M

Raymonda Solo 1: Joyce C

Solo: Abigail Z

Classical Solo: MIchelle C

Young & Beautiful: Anna D


Thank you!



All classes are cancelled today, 2/21/18

Dear HIDA Families,

To ensure the safety of our students and teachers, we decide to CANCEL all class today, 2/21/18.

Please feel free to makeup today’s lessons in the appropriate level available classes on our schedule at anytime, even after this current term.

Please check our website, www.haiyanballet.net, for updates and stay informed about tomorrow’s classes.

Thank you and please stay warm and safe.

Yang Zou

All classes are cancelled today, 2/20/18!

Dear HIDA Families,

To ensure the safety of our students and teachers, we decide to CANCEL all class today, 2/20/18.

Please feel free to makeup today’s lesson at available classes on our schedule at anytime, even in the following term.

Please check our website, www.haiyanballet.net, for updates and stay informed about tomorrow’s classes.

Thank you and please stay warm and safe.

Yang Zou

2/10/18 & 2/11/18 Performances Schedule


*****IMPORTANT! ******

The organizer of 2/11/18’s show had just notified me that there is a schedule change. They want us to start dress rehearsal at 2pm tomorrow at theater. ALL DANCERS PLAESE ARRIVE THE THEATER AT 1:30PM. Makeup and hair should be done at home. Costumes can be changed in the theater.

Thanks very much!



2/10/18 Confucius Institute’s Chines New Year Performance at West Linn High School Performing Arts Center

Dance: 1940

Dancers: Anna Dong, Emma Shu, Joyce Chen, Sara Shao, Julia Chen, Angela Su, Lucia Zhang

10-12: Dance team class as scheduled.
* The dancers who goes to the Confucius Institute’s performance should only take the class till 11am.

12pm: Dancers must arrive West Linn High School Performing Arts Center and check in with Mr. Yang Zou
* Please have make up and hair done at home!

12-12:30pm: Preprare for the show in theater.

12:30-12:45pm: Reheatsal on stage.

12:45pm-2:30pm: Dancers can rest in theater with parents or go out for lunch with parents.

2:30pm: Dancers must be back to theater and meet Mr. Yang Zou before or on 2:30pm. Dancers must be ready for performance before/at 2:30pm.

2:30-3pm: Prepare the performance.

3-5pm: performance.

Dancers can go home after the performance. Please informing Mr. Yang Zou before leaving.

2/11/18 Chinese New Year Gala at Cleverland High School

Dance: Fairis from The Sleeping Beauty

Dances: Anna Dong, Angela Su, Lucia Zhang, Sara Shao, Ariel Mai, Alice Duan, Emily Liang, Stella Wang, Megan Tian, Daisy Kim, Fiona Wang, Amy Kang, Vivian Tan, Julia Chen, Joyce Chen, Alekha Beresford.

2-2:30pm: Dancers arrive
2:30pm: Rehearsal Half-hour call
2:30-3pm: Dancers prepare for rehearsal on stage.
3-5pm: Dress rehearsal. (with hair, makeup & costumes)
5pm: Dinner (Provided by show organizer. Please prepare your own if your kid has any food allergy)
5-6:30pm: Break
6:30pm: Performance Half-hour call
6:30-7pm: Dancers prepare for the performance.
7-9pm: Performance.

* Dancers must arrive the theater before or on half-hour calls.
* Dancers must have makeup and hair done at the home before arriving the theater. Dancers should change costumes in theater. Please make sure your young dancers have clean tights, clean shoes.
* Dancers do not need tickets for 2/11/18 perofmence. Parents need to purchase tickets to watch the 2/11/18 show. The Chinese Friendship Association of Portland sells tickets at $15 each if purchased before 2/1/18, but will be $20 per ticket after 2/1/18. To buy tickets, please contact Chinese Friendship Association of Portland. For 2/10 performance, each dancer can have 2 complimentary tickets to 2/10 performance. Please get the tickets from Mr. Yang Zou.
* Please DO NOT SHARE MAKEUP & HAIR PRODUCTS to prevent any skin allergic reaction.
* Most likely we will be the 2nd dance of the 2/11/18 show, so dancers can go home after rehearsal and performance if that fits your kids’ schedules better. But dancers must return to theater before half-hour calls with proper makeup, hair and dancewears.
* We encourage everyone to watch the whole show even after our performances. Yet, our dancers are ok to leave early after their dance as some of them might need to rest early to prepare for the following school day.

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