HIDA Makeup Lesson Request Form

Please read through the policy below carefully and click the link to fill HIDA Makeup Lesson Request Form

If a student is absent, please make-up the class in any class from the same age group ​that is on our schedule. Students paying monthly tuition must make-up classes by the ​last day of the month. Students paying term tuition must make-up classes by the last day ​of the term. We will try our best to arrange make-up classes. However, make-up classes ​may not be available if the class is full. Tuition will not be pro-rated for your absences. In ​general, make-up classes will be scheduled at the studio in which the student is ​registered. Exceptions will be authorized by the Studio Manager on a case-​by-case basis.

In order to effectively record missed classes and efficiently process make-up classes, these functions will now be handled via a link on the HIDA website. Going forward, in order to qualify for a complimentary make-up lesson, all absences need to be submitted absolutely no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the scheduled class that will be missed.

Once the online absence form has been electronically submitted, it will automatically generate a timestamp that will be used by HIDA for processing. Although a minimum of 24 hours is needed to qualify for a make-up class, last minute emergencies and illnesses will be handled on an individual basis. In these extreme cases, you are asked to complete the online form as soon as possible. There is also a section available to record any related notes that you would like to include with your submission.

Prior to submitting the online form, you will also be asked to indicate the class for which you would like to attend as a make-up. In most cases, you will be notified within 48 hours with approval, if class capacity will allow for your proposed make-up. If not, you will be provided with possible alternative dates and times.

It is our hope that all customers submit future class absences as soon as possible. This will open the slot up to another student to attend the class as a make-up. All of our customers should benefit from this program, if all customers submit the online form as far in advance as possible.

Makeup Lesson Request Form Link: